Friday, January 3, 2014

New Filming Set Up!

HI!!! Good Morning! Good Afternoon! And Good Night!
Whichever hits you when read this, Apply Appropriately.

My friends on my private Facebook page know I am in the starting phases of "Project - I'm Not a Hoarder Anymore".  Actually, I forget what I called it the first time, so instead of hoarding stuff, I will hoard names for this Project. SNORT!

I have not figured out some things on  the layout of this blog yet and how to go from mobile posting to computer posting, etc, etc.
But I have managed to put up some posts through the blogger app...they are rather distinctive.
The are the ones with the CRAZY BIG signature at the bottom...
I'll pit that on my TO DO list of computer crap to figure out.  Which also includes a new back ground/page layout. This one, while cute, doesn't work.

While I'm pondering those MAJOR ISSUES  (read sarcastically if you choose), I have been working on some stuff.

I'm working out and eating cleanly for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!!!!
(insert golf clap)

I videoed a segment of a stairs workout that I will need to figure out how to edit...I wonder if GoPro has editing software...
My computer is ancient. And my camera is an AWESOME GoPro 3+. We'll see if they speak a similar language. I have a feeling that will be a weekend project...or a Monday Project...because the kids GO BACK to SCHOOL!!!!

They LOVE School. I LOVE School!


Here's what I've been working on the last couple of days.

I set up a new filming area with Cowboy Studio light bulbs
Light Fixture not so studio quality, but the closet is white and the video test I ran yesterday went well.

temporary table set up
I have a more permanent plan in mind.
But it involves actually MAKING SOMETHING...we'll see if I get to that point.
(Can you spot the GoPro camera mount?)
(Me likee the Go Pro Mounts) 

Other side of the closet
Still plenty of room to change things around if I get to my Projects list...

BEHOLD my spy camera!
And if you are my friend (as some found out at the stair workout last night), be Afraid!
I kid, I kid! I will edit generously and if you don't sign a waiver, I won't put you in.
(Read that the waiver goes something like this)

The GoPro external case.  Still freaking Tiny!

I have two videos filmed, but have no idea how to edit yet...the last time I edited a home movie, it took me a week....
But I'm very stubborn.
SOOO....If anyone has some great editing suggestions, I welcome them!
Put them in the comments below!


Tuesday, December 31, 2013


From my family to yours!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Silly is Pretty Special

Lovely and Excellent day!

We're watching our nephew and niece these next few days. They stay up late and get up's a big freakin', full on, kids rule/parents drool multi-day sleep-not-over!
I should be in full on exercising at 5am mode to be prepared for a 50K that's coming up mid February with a "training" trail 1/2 marathon this weekend....
....but I'm saving my strength!

I chased them all around picking up each activity as they moved onto another. 

(please read that my two kids were as much a participant in the merry making dump fest as their cousins)

I finally gave up and decided to make a mess of my own. 
If you can't beat them, join them!
Mommy made a BIG OLE makeup mess.
And had a marvelous time!

I, of course, continued my 31 day challenge and cleaned up after myself.
I am a makeup junkie.
I am a makeup hoarder.
I am preparing to do a MAJOR organization project. I will document it. I give you my word, but it's going to be a big project. I'll be breaking it into big chunks and sharing.
The hoarder in me is screaming in agony yet the perfectionist is hopping up and down with my delight.
The Bipolar person in me is freaking ecstatic at the mental disfunction!

But I digress, as details would just be confusing at this point.

I ate half healthy (top, kale awesomeness salad), half clear out the fridge of holiday detritus (in the form of butter and cream heaven mashed potatoes & killer cornbread stuffing)
Um...carb loading...for a 1/2...hmmm...I give myself props for not eating pie as well.
Well done on that baby step, Lo (snort)

As an aside from all the above ramble, I reread a great deal from my past posts last night 
*waiting for hooligan children to pass out on the playroom floor...I kid, I kid...sorta*

I definitely remembered why I started blogging in the first place.
I'm a WORLD CLASS Rambler, but the bits and pieces of my life since 2008 that I've recorded here are RIDICULOUSLY precious to me.
I loved looking at my little ones, still chubby in their baby-ness.
I choked up at so many posts of my grief from losing my in-law's, poured out out in great cathartic binges.
I laughed that I haven't posted a picture of my fabulous husband who has gone on a 3 year life change/weight loss of 80 lbs.  
He has had an incredible shift in focus.
He has grieved, but grown. Lost, but gained.
My kids are WAY TOO STINKIN OLD!!!!

We moved, y'all saw that bit. We also regained some family land. An absolute piece of paradise!

We put in a pool at our full time home...that took from April to August to build. 
You read that right.

And I realized that I've been blogging in my head the entire time I haven't posted. I CANNOT WAIT to catch you all up!

And I've missed y'all.

So comment if the spirit moves you.

And here's a dog on our kitchen table. Just for a bonus ��

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Either Way. We'll Get There

I haven't blogged in forever.
You can look at the last post date and know that. You didn't need Captain Obvious to point out that prize fact.

BUT, I've had the desire slowly creeping up into my soul for the last few months. Today, I read this and told myself,

And if not to underline this little God Wink even further, my sweet little girl walked her teasing, crazy, utterly charming in the weirdest way Father out to his car, as he was off to do some morning errands.

Their discussion went a little like this:
"You're Crazy"
"NO! You're Crazy"
"Well at least I'm not an ugly little girl"
*Giggle Giggle* "No! And I'm REALLY glad I'm not an UGG LEE Daddy!!!"
"Good Point.  Ok, walk me out to my car."
"Are we going to walk SLOOOOWLY  to the car or reallyreallyreallyfast?"
*insert another giggle fit*
"I don't care. Either way. We'll get there."

With that sage tiny voice still echoing around this loose and addled brain of mine, the garage door shut and they were off to the car, still bantering.

...and it doesn't matter, fast or slow. Either way. We'll get there.

I'll leave you with some pictures collected through this day.  I'm trying this challenge out and hope that blogging will be a part of it.
Husband came home with a tree of Brussel Sprouts

Food Yumminess (not a word. don't care)

Purged the fridge of some sad, dead carrots.
They were chopped and tossed into the back yard natural area for the critters.

Made our bed (per challenge instructions)

Did 3 dishwasher loads to accomplish this...
(ignore that I had 3 dishwasher loads of nasty dishes just hangin' out. Thanks.)

Purged the house of a dish towel that's needed to go for a WHILE
(small steps people. don't judge...or do's kinda funny that I only threw away one towel)

Then walked upstairs and almost threw up...
but then realized the kids already regurgitated all the toys in the house...
(as per challenge commentary, kids have a way of just breathing out disasters)

one of the guest beds...grrrr...that was completely made earlier
so I patiently breathed and thought a happy thought
*this could be grounds for insanity...I mean....
...Look. They made a fort...)

walked into boy's room
*closed my eyes and walked backward*

only to turn around and see girl's room.
no. freakin. words.

ran desperately to the usual sanctuary of the Guest Room
this is practicing patience because basically the entire upstairs had been trashed in less than 4 hours.

*thinking happy thoughts*
*they're learning the President Flashcards* flinging them up in the air and spinning around in it like a pile of Autumn leaves... 

So I did what I could. I'd washed the guest laundry earlier so I tidied the Reading Nook/extra guest bed
Couldn't have done that without the challenge getting me going.
Laundry apparently doesn't do itself.
I've tried.

Made the beds...
and because it was just laundry & hangers, I threw the laundry in the corner and hung up the hangers
...because our son has YET to learn how to HANG UP a HANGER...

and before I lost my patience, I figured out all I could do in this room at that moment.
...was make the bed.

Because either way, it doesn't matter to me how. Fast or Slow.
We'll Get There.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I'm learning by filming

Number 1 -

Don't film with the camera on the side. When you rotate the picture, it squashes you.
You look like you're in a fun mirror at the carnival.
Not pretty.
This is the reason the last YouTube video disappeared.
I looked like the newest member of the Lollipop Guild.

Number 2 -

HD shows you how how outdated your bathroom really is :)
Setting up a new place to film now.

Number 3 -

You really really need to mess around with the camera before you post anything.

Number 4 -

If you're a mommy, write out a timeline with bullet points.
Because you are going to forget what you were saying about 4 words into it because someone will need you to help them wipe their butt.

Number 5 -

Lord, do you see how messy your house is!

Going to film today, play with the new edit and post on YouTube Monday.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Today's Outfit : I'm a Bag Lady

...with a large clothing budget, hee hee!

So today I'm sportin' what my loving Mr. Mine calls my "bag lady" dress.
I think it's adorable, he only tolerates it because it sticks in my tush every time I bend over, HA!

I prefer to think of it as my floaty ballerina dress...ok, so that means I spin around and act like an idiot in it. Don't care, LOVE it!

It's so comfy cool for HOT FREAKIN' summer temps...and we are having a heat wave here!

If my HD camera doesn't get here soon I will post the other ones, but I'd love to just redo them in HD...You know, do this RIGHT ;0)

Happy Weekend!